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Play 3v388, Cockfighting Online Betting

3v388 is a cockfighting online casino game. It is a new form of online casino that allows players to bet online on which sides of cock will win. The cockfighting game appears in live games, where you are able to place your bet and watch the cock fighting until the end. There will be other games coming soon, play 3v388 to enjoy the first hand cockfighting online bet.


Basic FAQs

How to register?

To register for Sv388, you must be 21 years old or above. If so, you may continue to contact our customer service to register a useless account. Basic information such as your name and telephone number is needed to help you register an account.

How to top up credit?

Please contact our customer service and give them your name or game ID and the amount you want to refill. After you get bank information from them, you may pay via online transfer or ATM transfer and send the payment slip to our customer service. After certainty is done, credit will be added to your game ID.

How to issue a win / WASH Sv388?

Take a few steps to issue your credit. First, contact our customer service and tell them the amount you want to spend. After the existing credit is verified, your expenditure request will be approved and the credit will be entered into your account bank.

Our customer service works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can contact them if you need to register / withdraw / top up / or anything related to Sv388.